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Bowling Centre

Kapina Open- ja Kaiken Kansan -keilakisan tulokset 2018

Kapina Open 14.7.2018 tulokset 6 sarjaa (ei tasoituksia)

1. Teemu Isomaa 1015

2. Antero Erkkilä 1009

3. Jukka Tanjunen 997

4. Teuvo Palosaari 952

5. Jouni Helander 950

6. Markku Pietikäinen 947

7. Antti Isomaa 923

8. Mauri Isoherranen 909

9. Keijo Torssonen 906

10. Asko Halmetoja 875

11. Tuomo Saari 805


Kaiken kansan keilakisa 7.7.2018 3 sarjaa (ei tasoituksia)


1. Petri Töykkälä 516

2. Pekka Marjakangas 507

3. Antero Erkkilä 498

4. Tuomo Saari 496

5. Hannu Korpela 494

6. Pentti Palola 450

7. Reino Kukkola 435

8. Heikki Kaarlela 416


1. Eija Marjakangas 562

2. Seija Töykkälä 474

3. Eija Palola 461

4. Marjatta Kaarlela 430


JO KLO 17.00!

Security instructions and etiquette in bowling

Security instructions and etiquette in bowling:

  1. Arrive always early enough to the bowling time you have reserved.
  2. Keep your bowling shoe soles clean and look after your bowling ball.
  3. Do not take drinks to the playing area.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the score board functions.
  5. Avoid especially stepping over the foul line. Substances that make the approach sticky / slippery may transfer from the bowling lane to the approach.
  6. Inform the personnel immediately about faults appeared in the machinery.
  7. Remember that the bowling lanes along with the pin setting machines are expensive and demand a lot of care. The bowling lanes are to be treated according to instructions. Avoid dropping the bowling balls, they damage the lane surface.
  8. Let your neighbour concentrate. Do not go to the approach at the same time as the bowler on the lane next to you is concentrating on their performance.
  9. Let the play get on. Prepare for your throw shortly and do not spend unnecessary time on the approach after your performance.
  10. Remember that if your play does not get on, it is seldom other people’s fault. Do not put the blame on lanes or other circumstances for a bad result. By taking up an attitude like this you will develop into a good bowler.