• Uikko kuntokeskus
  • Uikko kuntokeskus
  • Uikko kuntokeskus

UIKKO Fitness Centre

kuntokeskus thumbIn the Uikko’s basement a gymnasium and a powerlifting room - all are available for use.  The premise was designed to be user friendly, fulfilling the needs of several age groups and physical condition levels.  The basement serves for both general health improvement and for individuals more serious in their exercise programmes.

Nivala Sports Centre Gym Services

  • gym training programme 25 €
  • gym instruction 30 €
  • gym training programme + instruction 50 €

You can download the gym programme order form here www.nivalanliikuntakeskus.fi/images/stories/tiedostot/Kuntosaliohjelman_tilauslomake_2014.pdf and return it completed to the Uikko’s customer service.

tel. 044-4457 420 / Nivala Sports Centre, customer service